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Welcome to National Protective Services Institute.

The Premier College for Protection Education and Training is now open! To enroll, or get more information, go to

Certification through TRAINING, not attending!

You must be prepared to protect yourself and your family, which is why so many Texas and non-Texas residents turn to NPSI for Personal Protection and Firearm Safety classes, such as Texas License to Carry Handgun. NPSI teaches every subject included in Defensive Handgun Academys around the country. Getting your License to Carry Handgun in San Antonio has never been easier and we have a variety of schedules to fit your needs.

Beyond San Antonio CHL (LTC) training, the NPSI instructional staff offers numerous classes for law enforcement personnel, private security personnel, and citizens interested in increasing their personal safety and defense abilities.  Classes include such topics as advanced concealed carry training, first aid/CPR training, self-defense/assault prevention, and active killer/active shooter response.  NPSI is recognized as one of the world's premier bodyguard training schools; not only can we train you to protect yourself, but we train professionals to protect others.  At NPSI, not only can we teach you the basics, but we can transition to the advanced personal defense classes you may require.  There are many other schools teaching the basics...but why stop there?  Train like your life depends on it!      

Concealed Handgun Class San Antonio (CHL) is now the Texas License to Carry Handgun (LTC)

National Protective Services Institute (NPSI) is home of the FREE Texas License to Carry Handgun Proficiency, and your solution for crime prevention, first aid, and personal defense training. We offer more training than any other school in the San Antonio, TX area, and some classes that aren't offered anywhere else in the world.  Our classes are taught at our facilities in San Antonio, or through our mobile classroom anywhere in the world.  We are your one-stop shop for your defense training needs.  Our classes cover a wide spectrum of defense training, and include (please review our course catalog for details):

  • Civilian Sport and Defense Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Women's Only classes
  • Law Enforcement Training (we can assist with obtaining TCOLE credit)
  • NRA Classes 
  • License to Carry Handgun (LTC) Classes (CHL San Antonio)
  • Self-Defense, including SEAMOK. This is NOT Martial Arts. This is winning!
  • Security Training 
  • Bodyguard Training (Executive Protection/Dignitary Protection) 
  • Other Firearms Training 
  • Anti-terrorism/Counter-terrorism Training


EVERYDAY Training (by appointment)

  • Firearms Cleaning
  • Virtual Simulator Practice
  • FIRST Steps/Introduction to firearm(s)
  • One on One Sessions

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NPSI was a proud sponsor of the Safe in San Antonio radio show on News Talk 930 AM KLUP. Now, see news at

Without a doubt, students say we are your San Antonio LTC and Personal Defense Training Solution! 

Click on the CLASSES link above, call 210-737-SAFE (7233), or email to schedule your next class now.