Women's Training

Want a gun? Have a gun? Now what?

Women are looking for a safe and stress-free environment to learn, and participate in firearms and personal safety training.   

Any NPSI course can be Women Only. Women only courses are scheduled by request for a group.  We also offer a variety of women’s only courses.  Look in the course catalog for our Women’s course selection.   

Protection in and outside your home, with and without firearms, and unarmed defensive tactics are offered to all women. The Texas concealed handgun license is simply part of many of our handgun training programs.

Our Virtual Shooting Range uses a computer to record laser shots from a firearm, and is a great starting point to gain confidence and learn skills. It is open by appointment only. Come to us, or we can go to you. Not only will you save money, but you can work on marksmanship fundamentals in a safe, clean, quiet environment. It is a great addition to office parties and special event entertainment. Call NPSI or request training time under Firearms Training; Virtual Shooting Range.

NPSI is here to

  • Not compete with women's organizations, but to work with and support them
  • Help you meet your needs and answer your questions
  • Increase the number of confident, responsible women firearm owners
  • Encourage women out of their comfort zone and help them reach a new level in shooting sports
  • Guide women in firearms safety and basic instruction
  • Teach women about their rights to bear arms and safe ownership
  • Train women in areas of personal defense
  • Teach women to care for their own firearm

Education and training are the best ways to alleviate fear and instill confidence. Many of our students have never held a gun. Others were taught, well…wrong. Women are unique. They stand different, move different, therefore, shoot different.

Don’t let someone teach you to just stand there and shoot. Learn how to protect your loved ones and your own life with real life scenarios and practice. Know what to do if your gun malfunctions, besides raising your hand for help.

●          What kind of training are you interested in?

●          What new skills would you like to develop?

NPSI feels passionately enough about this topic that we have a female instructor and program coordinator to plan the women’s classes.  Contact NPSI and let our instructors help you meet your training objectives.

Contact NPSI and let our instructors help you meet your training objectives.