Although there are many quality law enforcement, security, and personal defense training schools, very few can match the quality of instruction or experience of the instructors at the National Protective Services Institute. Our instructors have real-world experience in the subjects they teach, and are legitimately subject matter experts.

Our instructors are not just certified, they are qualified. In fact, many other schools send their instructors to NPSI to receive the credentials they need to teach. From basic instructor training, to advanced tactical concepts, our people have the breadth of experience and diversification of credentials to teach a variety of subjects that most others cannot.

Professionalism is a hallmark of our Institute. There are many "fly-by-night" training schools around. One example, other than obviously the qualifications of the instructor(s), is maintenance of professional standards.  Is the school licensed to teach, if required to be so?  Do they represent, associate, and/or partner with other reputable, professional training organizations?  Are the instructors willing to provide evidence of credentials?  Are the credentials from legitimate sources?  Do the instructors strive to maintain currency and up-to-date knowledge (documented current continued education/training) and credentials?  Can the instructors provide references?

One standard that separates professionals from the "fly-by-nights" is the carrying of insurance at the appropriate level for the type of training conducted. If you are seeking professional instruction, and the school doesn't even carry insurance, move on. The type of training conducted at any law enforcement, security, and personal defense institute demands the carrying of insurance; to not have it indicates the school does not care enough about its students to protect them. And that is the last place you should be conducting any type of tactical training! NPSI maintains a $1 Million insurance policy that covers all aspects of our training. This is expensive, but our students deserve the very best.

If you are seeking mere basic instruction, there are many good schools to choose from. If however, your desire is a higher standard of training, even at the introductory level, then NPSI is your best choice. Your current level of competency doesn't matter. We will meet you where you are, train you to where you want to be, and provide the opportunity to attend classes that no one else in Texas, or in some cases anywhere, even offers.


Better Business Bureau 
We are not members of the Better Business Bureau, but understand we are highly rated and have no complaints on record. We can raise prices and join the BBB if you prefer.