We appreciate your testimonials.  If you would like to share your experiences with us, return the Feedback Form, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Thank you for training with NPSI.

"Firearms training can be kind of intimidating, but I had a great time and learned quite a bit. ...I'm sure I'll be back; I've had nothing but good experiences with NPSI. -Don G

"Thanks. Your class was one of the most professional shooting classes I’ve attended. You did a great job of keeping it interesting and real while communicating the important items. I will look at your schedule and plan on taking [more]. -Art W

"I learned a lot (as always) during our course... Lots of "why's" on top of the "how to's". The hands- on with your equipment under your watchful guidance was of course something nobody can get from any book, DVD, or YouTube video." -Robert W

"I just wanted to thank you and Jerry for a great RSO class the other day.  It was an excellent learning experience, and gave me an opportunity afterward to reflect on areas I need to focus on or tweak in my own training classes. Jerry was very professional and did an outstanding presentation of material. This was my third/fourth time at NPSI, and each time I've walked away with valuable information and most of all knowledge." -Frank P

"Ken, I truly enjoyed your class, and received in my opinion, training well above that in what I would receive anywhere else. Thank you again for everything and your patience in making sure that I understood and completion and able to continue mission." -Michael H

"Thanks.  Your class was one of the most professional shooting classes I’ve attended.  You did a great job of keeping it interesting and real while communicating the important items." -Art W  

"I honestly consider this training class the best one I have ever attended. All other classes I have attended in the past, talk for 30 minutes and the rest is videos. This one is actually full of information. I will recommend it to everyone. Thanks to the Instructors. From a very satisfied student." -Jorge B

"Wanted to thank you for the outstanding Re-certification Level III course training that I received today. Informative, to the point and illustrated with excellent references to content. The course went by really fast, of course indicating how much we were all learning. Much appreciated the Range Training. Best I have had. And important in regards to our safety." -David B.

"Excellent instructors & instructions for all ages, genders, and ability levels.  Texas Law Shield speakers are also excellent.  Wholeheartedly recommend NPSI training.  Thank you for your training."-Sharyn K.
"The Saturday’s Texas Law Shield Seminar was superior!  Thanks for providing the National Protective Services Institutes resources for this Seminar.  I especially liked when you shared your vast experiences and knowledge during the Seminar.  I learned much more than I expected.  Just to let you know, I attended a Texas Law Shield Seminar about 2 months prior to your sponsored event and, by far your attendance (WOW) at Saturday’s Texas Law Shield Seminar was more than I expected.  As a Veteran US Army Captain (NCR National Capital Region), I view you as a valuable national leader at what you do."-Daniel M.
"Don't go to NPSI if you want to pass."  [Only go to NPSI if you want to learn.]-Bill S.

"Just wanted to drop a line and say how much I appreciated the comprehensive and enlightening training I received from the Institute. Your instruction is top notch, relatable and personal to the need of the student. Looking forward to more training!"-Rick W.

"This course was my first opportunity to meet Ken Lewis. It is most refreshing to meet an instructor with integrity. He also appears to be a man of his word. I had to shoot a third time because one of my shots was one inch outside the six-inch group required to pass the course. I know many instructors who would have permitted me to slide by and graduate from the course. Not only is his integrity in place, but he took the time to point out my mistakes in a manner that was not belittling or degrading. I sincerely appreciated his counsel and instruction. I am convinced I am now a better and safe shooter than before. I recommend that sincere consideration be given to Ken Lewis and his company the National Protective services Institute..."-Texas DPS Captain, Retired Oren M.

"I attend NPSI for TRAINING, not just attending."-Richard S.

"Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for letting me know that I didn't need to take the course to renew my license. ... Without your honesty, I would have spent more time and money. Thank you for being honest, even though it involved time on your part and money lost. I appreciate your help and will highly endorse your company. I will start by doing so on Facebook. Happy Holidays!"-Art

"My training experience at NPSI was truly fantastic. I learned so much that has added great value to my career and my personal life. Instructors Jason McLendon, Ken Lewis, and Micheal Blackgrave are very experienced and knowledgeable individuals. I would strongly recommend anyone who needs to enhance their careers or knowledge on security and training in general to visit NPSI for the correct and appropriate training. Hopefully I will come back soon to learn some more."-Sayed H.. Kenya, Nairobi

“I strongly endorse and recommend Jason and his team at the National Protective Services Institute.  If you are an individual looking to enhance your skills or resume, or the director of a public safety organization looking to enhance the professionalism of your team and get the most for your scarce budget dollars...Jason and NPSI are the professionals you are looking for." -Colonel Michael Trapp, CPP, US Air Force (Ret), Chairman, Chapter 92, ASIS International (from Jason McLendon's LinkedIn Recommendations)

“I've had the opportunity to train with Jason on several occasions. I am from South Louisiana, approximately 9 hrs one way by car. There are instructors 40 miles from my residence. I choose to drive the additional miles to San Antonio and pay the additional travel expenses knowing that I am getting true professional level instruction. If you are truly serious about your training and want up to date, state of the art training, I can honestly recommend Jason and his entire staff."  -Shane Robichaux, Reserve Commander / Instructor, Sunset Police Department (from Jason McLendon's LinkedIn Recommendations)

"I am honored to recommend Jason McLendon for his professionalism and impeccable character as my mentor and educator. Having taken all four levels of the NPSI's Texas Private Security courses and the NPSI National Rifle Association NRA Instructor courses has provided an unmatchable level of knowledge to be used for a life time."-Mr. Brent Kusama, Manager/S2-LNO/S3-Ops/S4-Log, Blackwater, US Training Center, Xe (from Jason McLendon's LinkedIn Recommendations).

"Jason is very knowledgeable on his subject content and passionate about his work. He is a devoted and loyal American. Jason is intense to be around. He is always moving at 100% capacity and expects the same from anyone who he trains or works with. Jason is a person of great honor and integrity. I would have no hesitation working with Jason or attending one of the many classes he teaches."-Robert "Capt Bobby" Allen, CEO, Stoic International (from Jason McLendon's LinkedIn Recommendations)

"Jason is a "Splendid forward thinker who makes things happen--orchestrated a unique Community Anti-terrorism Training Course...taught over over 5,000 people since 9/11 (as of December 2002)--Antiterrorism Chairman Congressman (Jim) Saxton personally endorsed program stating 'this will be a key component in our nation's war against terrorism.' "-Colonel Dave Howe, US Air Force

Jason "expertly developed and executed four Terrorism Incident Response courses for JTF-6, JTF-N, and US Northern Command--1200 enforcers ready to react!"-Lieutenant Colonel Keith Maxwell, US Air Force

(Captain) Jason McLendon was commended for "exceptionally supporting the United States Border Patrol training on Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Hazardous Materials Awareness.  Captain McLendon's exemplary knowledge and training given on the aspects of terrorism and improvised explosive devices reflect great credit upon him." -Major General Randal Castro, US Army

"An innovative, high energy performer, Jason McLendon trained over 6,000 people in basic anti-terrorism awareness classes and developed a specially armed and equipped Crisis Intervention Team to respond to violent terrorist and criminal acts."-Colonel Jimmie Jackson, Jr., US Air Force

"As the undisputed antiterrorism expert for the group, Jason McLendon undertook numerous force protection initiatives that significantly increased the security of all personnel.  His superior expertise made him the man to go to when protective escort or training was required for the forces tasked to ensure the safety of dignitaries, essential personnel, or convoys."-Colonel Robert Byzewski, US Air Force

“I have studied Martial Arts for over 30 years and Combatives for nearly 20 (ten of those as an instructor as well as a student). I have fought wars in three different countries, both for my nation as well as for private companies. I have seen most every way to destroy another human being and I have a very real appreciation for what works over what looks good; you could say that my life has depended on it. I can fully and enthusiastically recommend Mike Blackgrave and his system of SEAMOK. This is the real deal, and will teach you survival skills that will last a lifetime."-Scott Lawski (from Michael Blackgrave's LinkedIn Recommendations)

“Dan's attention to detail from his experience in professional training, and ability to adapt, improvise, and motivate me as a potential instructor, range safety officer, and advanced training in personal protection as a disabled veteran is incomparable. He is a motivator with the ability to achieve the utmost positive experience an individual could hope for.”-Matt Laremore (from Dan Graeber's LinkedIn Recommendations)

 "I have worked with Jeff since 1995 in several different capacities from high-risk law enforcement and undercover surveillance to Executive Protection and private investigations. He is sharp, knowledgeable and always professional. I would gladly recommend his services and work with him again anytime." -Ron Sorenson, Texas Peace Officer (from Jeffrey Saupp's LinkedIn Recommendations)

“Jeff, while serving in very strenuous conditions, performed his duties both as Supervisor and Operator in an exceptional manner. His professionalism brought credit not only to himself but to all those that served in his chain of command.” -Ross Falisi, COO, Vertus, Inc. (from Jeffrey Saupp's LinkedIn Recommendations)