Online Education and Academic Classes

The National Protective Services Institute (NPSI) provides short-term training and long-term academic certificate programs.

The online Continuing Education and Training Classes are hosted on NPSI’s Matrix (learning management system). Please follow the following link to your profession, or subject of interest.

(Online) Continuing Education and Training Course Catalog

To view the Academic Certificate Programs curricula and other information, please visit

NOTE:  Only those interested in the academic programs must actually apply to the Institute. 

NPSI's goal is to provide an institution of higher learning that is specifically structured to train students to attain not only the important licensing they need to actively work in the field, but to prepare them for exciting careers in security operations and management, anti-terrorism, emergency services, and homeland security. Whether entering a career with a local security company, or in the highest levels of government, our programs are designed to not only get them started, but to keep them going in the right direction. The security industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and the need for high quality, trained personnel, in government and private positions, grows in proportion to the growth of the industry. 

NPSI currently offers certificate programs in Security Operations, Anti-Terrorism Operations, and Security Management. NPSI is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Program to provide state-regulated Security Officer training and continuing education. Once operational time limits are achieved, NPSI will apply to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for permission to grant Associate of Arts Degrees and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in the same disciplines. With state recognition, NPSI plans to seek national and regional accreditation. Instruction will be provided through a distance-learning platform as well as a residential platform. The campus will be located in San Antonio, TX, USA. 

The National Protective Services Institute offers programs, services, and instruction to fulfill its mission, to satisfy prevailing state and federal laws, and accrediting organization policies. NPSI is not currently accredited, however, the programs are designed to meet the strict guidelines of the accrediting commissions so as to be appropriate when application and review is made:

  1. Vocational program leading to various certificates, including Security Operations, Anti-Terrorism, and Security Management.
  2. Protective services-specific academic courses leading to an Associate degree or a Bachelor degree program at NPSI. Other academic institutions may or may not accept credit from NPSI, even after accreditation has been granted.
  3. Continuing education for academic, occupational, and professional enhancement, in conjunction with, or in alignment with, various security organizations and associations, to include, but not limited to:
    • The International Foundation for Protection Officers Certified Protection Officer Certification (
    • The International Foundation for Protection Officers Security Supervision and Management Certification (
    • The American Society for Industrial Security Certified Protection Professional Certification (
    • The International Protective Services Association Certified Protective Services Specialist Certification.
  1. Tutorial assistance to help under-prepared students and others who wish special assistance to achieve their educational goals.
  2. A continuing program of counseling and advising designed to assist students in achieving their individual educational and occupational goals.
  3. A program of technology, library, media, and testing services to support instruction.

The intended result of these programs is to help graduates have the education they need to further their own security professions as well as to provide more effective security operations that are safer to their clients, as well as the general public. Although programs are specifically geared towards people who have a passion for security operations, anti-terrorism, and security management, and plan to pursue these disciplines as a life-long career, it is hoped this Institute will also help others who are only engaged in the field for a short period of time. Declaration of this intended goal does not guarantee that graduates of any offered programs will be able to pursue a professional security career after graduation.