Incentives/Group Discounts

NPSI Alumni gets 10% off training over $100.00.

LTC students who shoot a score of 250 may have 25% off their Defensive Pistol course.

Family Plan: For non-certificate awarding courses, with two paid tuitions, the rest of the kids train for expenses only.

Many organizations have NPSI discount codes. Check with your training or HR departments.

Group discounts are available for most of our classes over $100.00;  typically 10% or  1:10.

Groups must have at least ten (10) members.  Contact us with your group information and the specific class(es) you would like to attend.  We will provide a Discount Code assigned to your group for your members to use when registering.

Boy Scout NRA Instructor and RSO Certification. To support the local shooting sports coordinator, NPSI extends a Boy Scout discount to QUALIFIED Alamo Council leaders, only if the class makes with mainstream Instructor and RSO Candidates. See Instructor Training

Please contact us for specific requests and more information.

Gift Certificates for any amount are available.