Course Catalog

Name Category Scheduled
51 License to Carry Handgun (Texas) Training for School Parents Firearms Training
52 License to Carry Handgun - Military (Texas) Firearms Training
53 License to Carry Handgun Renewal (Texas) Firearms Training 6
54 Muzzleloading Instructor (NRA-NMLRA) Instructor Training
55 NRA/LED Instructor Development Schools Instructor Training
56 No Boyz Allowed Special Events
57 No Boyz Allowed - Rifle Special Events
58 No Boyz Allowed - Simulator Special Events
59 OC Pepper Spray Law Enforcement and Security Training 6
60 Personal Protection In The Home Instructor (NRA) Firearms Training
61 Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor (NRA) Firearms Training
62 Physical Security, Introduction to Law Enforcement and Security Training
63 Pistol (Handgun), Basic (NRA ILT) Firearms Training 15
64 Pistol (Handgun), Basic (Online); Blended (NRA) Firearms Training 1
65 Pistol (Handgun), Concealment and Carry Modes Law Enforcement and Security Training
66 Pistol (Handgun), Introduction (NRA FIRST Steps) Firearms Training
67 Pistol (Handgun), Operator Firearms Training
68 Pistol Instructor, Basic (NRA) Instructor Training 6
69 Pistol, All About Handguns Firearms Training
70 Pistol, Defensive (NRA) Firearms Training 2
71 Pistol, Muzzleloading Shooting Course, Basic (NRA-NMLRA) Firearms Training
72 Pistol, NRA CCW Firearms Training 1
73 Pistol, NRA CCW Instructor (CCWI) Instructor Training
74 Pistol, NRA Practical Pistol Coach Instructor Training
75 Pistol, Personal Protection In The Home, Basic (NRA) Firearms Training 2