Course Catalog

Name Category Scheduled
26 Handcuffing, Basic Instructor Instructor Training
27 Hazardous Materials Awareness Course Law Enforcement and Security Training
28 High Impact Presentation Community Training
29 Home Firearms Safety (NRA) Firearms Training 1
30 Home Firearms Safety Instructor (NRA) Instructor Training 3
31 Human Trafficking Awareness Community Training
32 Human Trafficking, Introduction to Law Enforcement and Security Training
33 Hunter Education (Online + Field Course) Community Training
34 Identity Theft Workshop Community Training
35 Individual Training, Basic Firearms Training
36 Introduction to Protective Services (IPS) Law Enforcement and Security Training
37 Less-Lethal Munitions Law Enforcement and Security Training
38 License To Carry Application Help Firearms Training
39 License To Carry Combo Course (Texas) Firearms Training 1
40 License To Carry Handgun (Texas) Firearms Training 5
41 License to Carry Handgun (Texas) Evening Firearms Training
42 License to Carry Handgun (Texas) Training for School Parents Firearms Training
43 License to Carry Handgun - Military (Texas) Firearms Training
44 License to Carry Handgun Renewal (Texas) Firearms Training 3
45 Muzzleloading Instructor, (NRA-NMLRA) Instructor Training
46 NRA/LED Instructor Development Schools Instructor Training
47 No Boyz Allowed Special Events
48 No Boyz Allowed - Rifle Special Events
49 No Boyz Allowed - Simulator Special Events
50 OC Pepper Spray Law Enforcement and Security Training 3