Category: Law Enforcement and Security Training
Price: $ 75.00

Duration: 4 hours

Description: This training class covers techniques for proper deployment and certification of end users in the use of Conducted Energy Device (CED) less-lethal devices. This course is not specific to one particular name brand device.
Whereas, Kleenex is a brand name of a facial tissue; Crescent is a brand name of an adjustable open end wrench; Xerox means to copy, Google means to search, and many others are brand names commonly used to describe a function, TASER®, Phazzer, Mace, etc. will simple describe CED/CEWs.
From the Private Security Program:

“The carrying of a [CED] Taser® or similar weapon is not expressly prohibited under Texas law. Neither the Private Security Act nor the related administrative rules address the carrying of such a weapon by a Security Officer [or any other person]. There is no certification for the use of such weapons.”


(TCOLE Reporting Number 3344)

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