Shotgun, Introduction (NRA FIRST Steps)

Category: Firearms Training
Price: $ 235.00

Duration: 3 hours


Description: FIRST stands for Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training, a program the NRA developed to meet the need for a firearms orientation program for new gun purchasers. This FIRST Steps program is the basic course abbreviated to the most basic shooting skills, and the specifics of a particular model of shotgun.


This course, because of its narrow focus, can be completed as quickly as three hours. Students will get the NRA's The Basics of Shotgun Shooting handbook and quick practical lessons on the safe use, cleaning, and storage of their shotgun. The practical exercise covers a single position and type of target. As the number of participants or shotgun types increases, the course will take proportionally longer. FIRST Steps Shotgun often prefaces NPSI Training's defensive shotgun training courses.

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