Wing Shooting Instructor Development Workshop (IDW)

Category: Instructor Training
Price: $ 350.00

Duration: 2 Day

Description: This continuing education course is for certified shotgun instructors and assistant instructors. The objective of this course is to move our instructors into methods for coaching in addition to instructing. The course begins with a session on gun fit and shooter vision and how they impact the shooter, finally discussing different gun fits for different shotgun sports. After review of the basics of clay target shooting starting with target analysis, visualization and setup, the course moves to the methods that break targets after which, instructors will move to the range. The course will use practical exercises to examine the basic methods for obtaining forward allowance (lead) and where to use them on different target presentations. Attendees will demonstrate their ability to use a variety of methods for obtaining lead and assess where shooters are placing shot. Methods for teaching the three main disciplines will be presented. As with any shooting sport, consistency is what makes a successful shooter. Coaching methods that lead to developing consistent shooters will be discussed. Day two is a practical exercise where instructors will teach a variety of students at different disciplines. Attendees are responsible for arranging at least one student to participate day two. Attendees are responsible for target and ammunition costs (expect to shoot a minimum of 200 rounds, remember shot size no larger than 7 1/2) and other range fees e.g. golf cart.

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