Wing Shooting Clinic

Category: Firearms Training
Price: $ 250.00

Duration: 8 hours

Course Goal: Provide students the basics of shotgun shooting and shoot a variety of clay target sports including Trap Skeet, Five Stand, and Sporting Clays.

Course Outline: This is a one day course, one-two hours of classroom and about-six hours of instruction and coaching. The approximately two hours of classroom will cover gun safety, shotgun basics, shotgun ammunition, chokes, clay target games, basic gun fit and the shooting process.

The range portion of the class is a minimum of six hours. After completion of the classroom portion, the range portion focuses on developing the basics of shotgun shooting including stance, target analysis, and the shooting process. The student develops proficiency using live-fire in Skeet, Trap, Five Stand and Sporting Clays.

Safety will be discussed and emphasized throughout the session. Safety infractions may result in expulsion from the course without refund. Students should expect to spend several hours on the range and shoot 250-300 rounds of ammunition and clay targets over a demanding period. No loose-necked tops, shorts, skirts, or open shoes are allowed due to hot brass flying. The student must shoot with a semi-automatic or Over/Under shotgun in good repair.

Guns can be provided if the shooter does not have the appropriate gun. Allowed shot size for ammunition is 71/2, 8, 81/2 or 9. Eye and ear protection will also be needed (available).


Classroom portion of the Wingshooting Course 1-2 hrs: Bring your gun Shotgun Basics Shotgun Ammunition Target Analysis Gun Fit The Shooting Process

Range - Session 1 Skeet - 1 Hr

Range - Session 2 Trap - 1 Hr

Range - Session 3 Five Stand - 1 Hr
Range - Session 4 Sporting Clays - 3 Hrs.

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