License to Carry Handgun - Military (Texas)

Category: Firearms Training
Price: $ 50.00

Duration: 4-6 Hours

Description: NPSI offers a discount for classroom-only training to qualified military members in accordance with Texas Government Code Section 411.1881.  Exemption From Instruction For Certain Persons.

(a)  ..., a person may not be required to complete the range instruction portion of a handgun proficiency course ...:

(1)  is currently serving in or is honorably discharged from:

(A)  the army, navy, air force, coast guard, or marine corps of the United States or an auxiliary service or reserve unit of one of those branches of the armed forces; OR

(B)  the Texas military forces, as defined by Section 437.001 [(14) "Texas military forces" means the Texas National Guard, the Texas State Guard, and any other military force organized under state law.]; AND

(2)  has, within the five years preceding the date of the person's application for the license, completed a course of training in handgun proficiency or familiarization as part of the person's service with the armed forces or Texas military forces.

(b)  ... submit a form [e.g. DA Form 88-R, DA Form 5704-R and AF-IMT-522] demonstrating the license holder's qualification for an exemption under that subsection.  The form must provide sufficient information to allow the department to verify whether the license holder qualifies for the exemption.


This training is held on the same day as regular LTC classes. To register, go to Use coupon code 25OFF for the discount. Be sure you know when to meet at the classroom.


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