Build A Gun

Category: Firearms Training
Price: $ 0.00

Duration: Varies

Description: Price of material/parts expenses + 25%. You have a wide selection of firearms to purchase, but to build your own firearm is an experience few will ever take advantage of. You sit down with NPSI armorers, technicians, or gunsmiths to selection the firearm(s) you want to build, discuss requirements and parts availability.  This is a great family project too. Sky is the limit with this project.
- Gunsmith modifications and inspections are not included
- Over the counter or custom parts, as available
- Firearm/receiver is purchased through the National Protective Services' Federal Firearms License; fees not included
- All parts and commissions are paid at time of order
- No special tools needed
- Each participant shall wear clear safety glasses while working on Build A Gun projects
- Firearms and accessories controlled under the National Firearms Act shall meet current law(s)

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