3-Gun Shooting Clinic

Category: Firearms Training
Price: $ 210.00

Duration: 4 hours

Description: This 3-Gun course is patterned after the NRA 3-Gun program to present a fun, exhilarating, and mildly physical activity to expose new and intermediate shooters to the 3-Gun action shooting sport. This is a safe, family fun, mildly competitive, recreational event using rifles, handguns, and shotguns. Bring what you have and shoot, although actual 3-Gun events are normally shot with modern sporting rifles, semi-automatic pistols, and pump or semi-automatic shotguns. In this course, you can even use rimfire, air soft type, and BB guns. We want you to have fun. Depending on how the shooting course is staged, participants may also have an opportunity to demonstrate their athletic and defensive or tactical abilities.

Range fees and ammunition are not included in course tuition. Gun rentals may be available.

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