Identity Theft Workshop

Category: Community Training
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Harvard Risk Management Corporation is now offering a FREE identity theft workshop at NPSI.

During the workshop you will:

    • Learn how to protect yourself from the devastating effects of ID theft
    • Be introduced to the six major types of identity theft
    • Learn how to better protect your information
    • Learn about restoration services and credit monitoring plans

On average these workshops take about 30 minutes and are very informative and a lot of fun!


    • ID theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US
    • There are over 27,000 victims EVERY DAY
    • Only 17% of identity theft deals with credit cards
    • Medical ID theft is the fastest growing area
    • The average victim spends over 600 hours in the process of restoration
    • Most identity theft solutions offer little or no restoration benefit
    • Identity theft education can save thousands of dollars in potential losses
    • Every year businesses lose millions of dollars because of identity theft and lost data

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