Protective Services Operations Course

Category: Law Enforcement and Security Training
Price: $ 1,500.00

Duration:105 hours

Description: This course is intended for personnel who will be providing Executive/Dignitary/VIP/Witness Protection services to a variety of clients (governmental or private). Individuals will be required to pass the test for Standard First Aid and CPR, as well as the handgun and shotgun qualification courses. In addition, all students should be prepared to experience the effects of OC spray. This course is extremely demanding both physically and mentally, however, upon graduation, the student will be qualified to serve as a member of a protection detail.

Please be advised under the Private Security Act (Occ. Code Chapter 1702) and Administrative Rule 35.4 (37 Tex. Admin. Code 1), a criminal conviction may disqualify you from a registration, commission or license under the Act. You may wish to review Rule 35.4’s list of disqualifying offenses and the related periods of ineligibility, available on the department’s website at (click on the link to Administrative Code).  You also have a right to request from the department a criminal history evaluation letter under Occupations Code Section 53.102.”

The general itinerary, subject to change, is as follows:

Training Day 1 

Welcome, Introduction to Protective Services/Basic Principles, Threat Profiles, Workplace Violence, Protocol/Etiquette, Command Post Operations, Protective Intelligence, Threat Assessments, Personal Security Vulnerability Assessments, Site Surveys/Assessments, Advance Procedures, Historical Case Studies

Training Day 2 

International and Domestic Terrorism Overview, Terrorist Operations, Personal Protective Measures, Physical Security, Surveillance Detection, Hostage/Kidnap Survival, Simulated Detail Initial Briefing

Training Day 3 

Weapons and Equipment (including training, checklists, etc.), Defensive Tactics, Expandable Baton, Walking Formations, Protection Drills

Training Day 4

Handgun Training/Qualification (Semi-Auto/Revolver), Shotgun Training/Qualification, Sub-Machine Gun Training/Familiarization, Common Small Arms Familiarization
Training Day 5 

Improvised Explosive Devices/Chemical/Biological Weapons, Vehicle and Building Explosive Searches, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Protection Drills, OC Spray, Emergency Medical Techniques, Legal Considerations

Training Day 6 

Vehicle Dynamics, Driving Skills, Motorcade Operations, Counter-Ambush Tactics, Case Studies, Protection Drills

Training Day 7 

Comprehensive Written Examination, Simulated Protective Detail, Graduation.


TCOLE credit.

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