Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor (NRA)

Category: Firearms Training
Price: $ 335.00

Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor

To be an NRA Firearms Instructor, a candidate must meet prerequisite requirements for the discipline sought.

The NRA PPOTHI Training Course consists of two parts:

Part one: Basic Instructor Training (Must be current within two-years.)

Part two: NRA PPOTHI Training

 A PPOTHI candidate must:

  1.       be a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  2.       be a NRA Certified Personal Protection In The Home Instructor
  3.       complete the Pre-course Questionnaire
  4.       completed the PPOTH (14-hour Advanced) and PPOTHI exams with a 90% or better

 The Pre-course Qualification must be conducted prior to or during the course. Only those candidates who pass, and meet other specified requirements for NRA instructors are eligible for certification. NPSI offers Pre-course Qualification the morning of PPOTHI, or by appointment prior to class.

PPOTHI runs about 16 hours. The cost for BIT is not included in the price of this discipline. When you register, be sure to check the calendar for the BIT date and time. See the Instructor Training tab on the left for more information.  Range fees not included.

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