Security Officer, Level IV, Personal Protection Officer Training/Orientation to Protective Services

Category: Law Enforcement and Security Training
Price: $ 185.00

Duration: 15 hours

Class size is a minimum of SIX and a maximum of NINE.

NPSI is reducing class size to create space for distancing. However, some course objectives require personal contact with one another. No person is ever intentionally PUT at risk by anyone at NPSI.

If a student does not feel safe under the COVID-19 in performing a task, that student may bow out and receive an INCOMPLETE for that objective. Once the objective is met, they graduate.

Let me be very clear. Course objectives are mandated by the governing body. All course objectives shall be met to graduate. Not all objectives can be met maintaining a six foot distance from one another. It is the student’s responsibility to weigh and mitigate risk with the need to certify/qualify.

Description: This course provides Level IV (Personal Protection Officer (PPO)) training and certification required by the State of Texas to be licensed. Although you are not required to have a current Level III (Security Officer Commission) to attend the course, you are required to receive one prior to becoming licensed as a PPO. OC/Pepper Spray is no longer part of the PPO lesson plan. NPSI TCOLE Instructors offer OC training;

Please be advised under the Private Security Act (Occ. Code Chapter 1702) and Administrative Rule 35.4 (37 Tex. Admin. Code 1), a criminal conviction may disqualify you from a Commission or license under the Act. You may wish to review Rule 35.4’s list of disqualifying offenses and the related periods of ineligibility, available on the department’s website at (click on the link to Administrative Code).  You also have a right to request from the department a criminal history evaluation letter under Occupations Code Section 53.102.”

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