OC Pepper Spray Instructor

Category: Instructor Training
Price: $ 300.00

This 1-day (10 hour) Instructor Certification Program is designed to train instructor candidates in the methods of teaching effective self-defense and safety awareness utilizing SABRE pepper spray. This course will enhance the instructor’s knowledge in teaching the use and deployment of SABRE pepper sprays. Instructors will learn the essential facts about pepper spray, proper ways to carry pepper spray, how to deploy it effectively against an assailant, methods of teaching, decontamination techniques, as well as actual practice using inert canisters. By attending this course, instructor candidates will learn the SABRE Safety Awareness Concept and how to teach others to understand and adopt its principles. Instructor candidates will also be tested both via a written examination and a practical examination which gauges their instructor skills and qualifications. Finally, instructors will be presented the organizational process involved in planning and carrying out a SABRE Personal Safety Academy. You will be tested and must prove that you have the ability to teach the course to civilians.



  • Effectiveness / Safety / Legal Issues
  • Self Defense/ Survival Techniques
  • Instructor Requirements & Obligations
  • How to set up and carry out and end user program
  • Practical Exercises
  • Instructor Development
  • Deployment Methods


  • SABRE Instructor Manual & PowerPoint Presentation
  • SABRE Instructor Polo Shirt
  • SABRE Authorized Personal Safety Academy Facility Banner
  • SABRE Personal Safety Academy Trifolds to Promote Programs
  • SABRE Instructor Certification Certificate
  • Authorization to teach the SABRE Personal Safety Academy Program

When registering for this class, you must complete a two step process.

  1. Email the PSA Instructor Certification Course Application found online at www.sabrered.com, to Vicki Moore- vmoore@sabrered.com, 30 days prior to the class date.
  2. If application is approved, an Instructor contract will be forwarded and must be returned 14 days prior to the class date. Attendance is not allowed unless the contract is signed and submitted to Vicki Moore prior to the class.

If the course application is denied or you fail to meet the deadlines you will receive a full refund of $300.00. Although if you are approved and fail to attend, you will not receive a refund!

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