Ladies' Unarmed Self Defense

Category: Special Events
Price: $ 30.00

Gretchen Benne Group; Ladies' Unarmed Self Defense Course taught by NPSI Staff Instructors

Moms and Daughters! Join us for a basic unarmed self-defense and subject-control program from 2-6 PM that will prepare and empower you. Many of us are preparing to send our girls to college in the fall and/or coming years. It is essential that they develop a situational awareness as well as simple self defense tactics, so they can be proactive in keeping themselves safe. And, why not learn along with them?

Due to COVID-19 the course will not be as aggressive as normal; however, you will still need to wear a mask during the drills, dress in athletic clothing (crew neck tee shirt), and you may bring refreshments.

Our cost is only $30.00 / person, and you can register today. When your registration is received, watch for a detailed email.

We look forward to training with you.

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NOTICE! This is a new registration system. Even if you've taken a class with us before, you'll have to create a new account.