Instructor, NRA/LED Development Schools

Category: Instructor Training
Price: $ 0.00

Duration: 44 hours, five days

Description: NPSI hosts the following National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division (NRA/LED) Instructor Development Schools. Go to the NRA/LED website to register, see equipment requirements, and training schedule. Read about the courses: Handgun Instructor, Handgun / Shotgun Instructor, Tactical Shooting Instructor, Tactical Shotgun Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Select-Fire Instructor, and Precision Rifle Instructor.

APPLY NOW directly to NRA/LED after you read Eligibility Requirements. 


  • Tactical Shotgun Instructor School, 14-18 October, 2019
  • Handgun Instructor School, 18-22 November, 2019
  • Handgun/Shotgun Instructor School, 16-20 December, 2019

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