Baton, Basic Expandable and Straight

Category: Law Enforcement and Security Training
Price: $ 75.00

Duration: 4 hours


Description: Baton training is now part of the Private Security Program  (PSP) Commissioned Security Officer (Level III) training course. Now, all academy instructors are qualified to teach baton, according to the Board. If you did not get trained under the PSP lesson plan dated 09-27-2017, then you need this class to carry a baton.

Texas Penal Code 46.03/46.15 allows a Commissioned Security Officer to carry batons. This course is not baton brand-specific and certifies the user to carry and use expandable or straight baton. It covers basic techniques, tactics, blocks, and strikes necessary to successfully deploy the baton. The State of Texas does not have a statuary requirement to be trained before carrying a baton. A Person has little chance (in our opinion) of surviving the the liability law suits without training and baton use policy; this course satisfies that requirement. Baton Pocket Cards are not required. Keep a copy of your training certificate for proof of training. (TCOLE Reporting Number 2053)

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