Qualification; Firearms Proficiency

Category: Law Enforcement and Security Training
Price: $ 50.00

Duration: Varies, depending on requirements.

By appointment only. Call NPSI to schedule.

Description: This is not training. This provides various course(s) of fire to qualify/re-qualify. It is intended for experienced shooters, qualifying for LEOSA (HR 218), or on handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, precision rifle, or select-fire (sub-machine gun) guns. All expenses e.g. range fees, unique targets, special ammunition requirements, etc. are not included.
Once you schedule a date with NPSI, use this link. to pay tuition/range fees; http://www.npsitraining.com/send-a-payment.
Payment arrangements must be paid prior to qualification.

Students get two (2) opportunities to qualify per session.

(TCOLE Reporting Number 2055)

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