About the National Protective Services Institute

The National Protective Services Institute provides training and education to a diverse client base, domestically and internationally. We are made up of a variety of personnel with verifiable and credentialed backgrounds of military, law enforcement (federal, state and local) and extensive private sector security experience.


Once you see the quality of what we have to offer, we know you will be interested in our programs of instruction.  We work very hard to make sure the Institute has the best trained and most qualified instructors available. We take this seriously, and we're sure you, as someone who is looking into having training services provided to you, appreciate the extra measures we take.


As you may already know, most law enforcement agencies meet only the bare minimum training requirements mandated by their respective states, and most states have little or no training requirements for security officers.  We believe this is potentially dangerous to the public and clients being served.  If you want to get away from this paradigm and have personnel trained to the highest standards possible, you are now in a position to do so.


When it comes to our personal defense training of all levels, whether for in-home protection or serving as a professional bodyguard, our programs are second to none.  We have often been told that people go to other schools to get certified, but they come to NPSI if they want to get certified AND trained.


We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Stay safe, 


Jason McLendon, President
National Protective Services Institute