Use this link to send a payment via credit card to NPSI. Complete the items in this form and then click 'Submit' to be taken to our SECURE processing partner's website to securely enter your credit card information. In the 'Payment Description' type why e.g. Class # or name and your last name, Bookstore, etc.  



You may also use this page as an order form to request duplicate certificates, services, training, or training records.

NPSI will not release your personal information or training records without due legal process. You acknowledge NPSI will only release records to you or the appropriate entities with a legal right to know (i.e., state licensing board). To access your records, you must either provide appropriate authentication to enter the NPSI Learning Management System or provide a written request to NPSI. Otherwise, proof of identity or court subpoena is required. Unless subpoenaed, records are sent only to the address/email on the student registration form. You may request offline duplicate certificates, services, training, or training records. Duplicate records are $25.00 per record.