Pistol Instructor, Basic (NRA)

Category: Instructor Training
Price: $ 199.00

Duration: 8 hours

To be an NRA Firearms InstructorThere is a lot of conflicting information on too many websites, including the NRA. So, to make it simple, this page will tell you what needs to be done, and how it is done at NPSI. It is our Training Counselor's responsibility to meet NRA objectives. You will pass or not, under these conditions. Candidates shall complete the pre-course questionnaire, the pre-course qualification* for the discipline sought (a live performance is scheduled the morning of, unless otherwise scheduled), attend (Part 1) the NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT) within two (2) years, and attend (Part 2) discipline specific training.

*Pre-course Qualifications are often evaluated the morning of the discipline training or by appointment (for a fee). If you do not pass the Pre-course Qualification, you are not eligible to attend the discipline training. An instructor certification with any other organization, does NOT waive NRA requirements.


NRA Basic Pistol Instructor (BPI) Candidates shall complete ALL three items:
First. The Instructor Led Training (ILT) for The Basics of Pistol Shooting. This is listed as Pistol/Basic Handgun (NRA ILT) in the NPSI Course Catalog. (Yes, you have to attend the basic one-day class. www.npsitraining.com/class/68871)
Second. BIT (Part 1), or have completed within two years (www.npsitraining.com/class/70694)
Third. The BPI discipline (Part II)* (www.npsitraining.com/class/70702)
*A basic student shooting the instructor qualification in a Basic Pistol course  doesn’t count towards a future Instructor pre-qualification, unless the instructor is a Training Counselor.
Pistol/Basic Handgun (NRA ILT), and BPI Pre-course Qual (I suggest you read this and do not bring a heavy DAO trigger press, or a .45 ACP. Seven out of ten candidates get sent home. Just sayin').


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