School Safety Certification

Category: Community Training, Firearms Training
Price: $ 350.00

Duration: 15 - 20 hours

Description: This course does NOT provide authority for the graduate of this class to carry on the premise of a school.

This course does train Texas License to Carry Handgun (LTC) holders on:

  • Protection of students
  • Interaction of license holders with first responders [law enforcement]
  • Tactics for denying an intruder entry into a classroom or school facility
  • Methods for increasing a license holder’s accuracy with a handgun while under duress

Training consists of:

  • Proficiency [shooting] pre-test
  • Written pre-test
  • Classroom lecture
  • Practical exercises
  • Written final exam

Texas Government Code §411.1901

Texas Penal Code 46.03(a)(1)


Texas License to Carry Handgun

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